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Gutter Innovations was established in 1993. During the past seventeen years we established ourselves as one of the role players in the rainwater goods market. The biggest sector of our work is the manufacture and installation of seamless Ogee profile gutters.

These gutters are manufactures seamless on the building site with mobile gutter profiling machines, in continuous lengths. The standard range of gutters include a 100 x 125 mm domestic Ogee profile gutter and additionally a 100 x 100 square shaped gutter.

All of the above are fixed by concealed brackets to the structure.

We also manufacture a unique 85 mm round down pipe. This round down pipe has exceptionally good water flow. Additionally we also install 75 x 50 mm fluted domestic and 75 x 100 fluted industrial rectangular down pipes.

We pride ourselves to be specialists in any non-standard specially designed and manufactured gutters or down pipes of any required size or shape.

This range include purpose made fascia boards and barge boards.

All material used is Chromadeck or Zincalume pre-painted both sides with polyester silicone paint.

All material is guaranteed for 20 years.

All above products are available in aluminium or copper.

We strive through innovative design to continuously upgrade our range of products and installation methods and we use only the best available materials.


Gutter manufacturing and installation in Pretoria , Johannesburg and other Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo regions. Gutter Innovations in Pretoria for specially manufactured gutters to fit all structures. Gutters are fitted with concealed brackets for neat presentation. Installation, Fitting and repairs of gutters and down pipes on all existing structures or new developments and buildings. Gutter Innovations are dealers for Zincalume and Colorlume. We also do Chromadeck Fascia Boards and other products. Zincalume ideally combines characteristics of aluminium coated steel and galvanised steel. Zincalume steel is the result of an ideal alloy of aluminium and zinc. It consists of aluminium ( 55% in weight ratio but 80% in surface volume ratio), zinc (43.4% in weight), and silicone(1.6% in weight ratio) so it has both aluminium-unique corrosion-resistance and heat resistance and zinc-unique "galvanic behaviour". Colorlume refers to colour painted Zincalume, which retains Zincalume-unique characteristics of superior corrosion- resistance and heat resistance. Gutter Innovations Pretoria for all gutters, down pipes, fascia boards . Colorlume, in other words, colour painted Zincalume of aluminium-zinc alloy steel has Zincalume-unique characteristics of superior corrosion-resistance and heat-resistance. Colorlume, which is beautiful and varied in colours, has opened a new chapter for construction culture by satisfying consumers both in the superior performance an esthetic factor. Based on the Kesternich test and acid rain contamination test of Colorlume and Pre painted Galvanised Steel, Colorlume proved to be much superior in corrosion resistance - particularly, at the forming and welding portion. Zincalume  can be painted without pre-treatment or weathering when used for signboard , gutters, down pipes or general purpose, due to its superior adhesive strength between zinc layer and paint, unlike galvanized steel which requires weathering or pre-treatment. Down pipes and Gutters for Pretoria - Gauteng.

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